Thursday, February 19, 2009

Todays' Flower

This flower caught my attention on the first light of the day, a yellow bell located at the front fence at home. In bright yellow petals, this plant whose stem requires support and which climbs by tendrils. I planted its stem directly on the ground and wait until it grows up usually for months. The caring and maintenance for this flower variety are very minimal. As soon as it starts the flowering stage, it would just continously make more flowers. I was fascinated by the beauty as it sways through a soft morning wind. This yellow bell depicts the beauty of nature. It shows the value of life---nurtured, cared and blossomed to perfection.


  1. Wonderful yellow flower!
    Perfect photo!
    Thanks for posting for TODAY'S FLOWERS.
    Hope you come back every weeks!


  2. Thank you! More pics to post soon..