Friday, February 13, 2009

Speaking In LOVE

LOVE has various definition to every person and there is no exact meaning for this word. According to my dictionary, Merriam Webster, love is a strong affection; warm attachment; a beloved person; unselfish loyal & benevolent concern for others.

Love can be shown and expressed as follows:

1) BY WORDS --- when we love someone, we dont and cannot keep quiet. To express that heart feeling is natural and pleasurable.

2) BY ACTS OF SERVICE --- love makes us do something special over and above that which is ordinarily required of us.

3) BY QUALITY TIME --- giving time for an important person in your life is a true act of caring

4) BY TOUCH --- this can be expressed in the physical level which draws closeness.

5) BY GIFT GIVING --- it may be just a card, 3 red roses, food items or any material thing but that spells love.


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