Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Music PodCast

I got this iPod Mini as a prize from winning a raffle.I was lucky indeed to received this kind of gadget. The features of this iPod include-- 1000 songs at near CD quality on 4GB hard drives, up to 18 hours of continuos playback with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, super portable at 3.6 ounces and only 0.5 inch thin, authentically synchronizes music, playlists and audiobooks with MAC or PC, innovative click wheel for every navigation, high-resolution and backlit lcd display.
I have already downloaded different kinds of music on this iPod like R&B,pop, ballads, gospel and jazz selections.
I find listening to music very relaxing to the mind, enabling you to release some of the pressures you carry from a stressful day. It also promotes a positive focus which makes you feel optimistic. I can say that music affects the body and mind in many powerful ways. With many advantages that the music can bring, it is just amazing to see more people today who are using music gadgets.

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